Research & Development

notechbio’s business area is significantly made up of two main parts, 'Vermin repellent’ and ‘disinfectant for animals’.

Many products adjusted with our technology and customer needs are currently in the process of development and review. Also, through the process of, ‘Product design > Development of products > Product testing > Product improvement > Production of the product’, we will continuously make products that provides values for customers.

This information’s will be provided through our website and many different routes.

Customer’s requireRequirement Analysis

  • STEP01
    Product design
  • STEP02
    Development of products
  • STEP03
    Product testing
  • STEP04
    Product improvement
  • STEP05
    Production of the product
3E Development Easy ㆍEasy come, easy go
ㆍAny available product
Effective ㆍEffective product to eradicate harmful vermin. It contains natural activating
ㆍReliable product that contains refined natural extracts.
Economic ㆍHelps significantly save on installation time and operating cost.
ㆍAn economic product with a definite effect

CSP [Customer satisfactory product] We provide various solutions for customer satisfaction by newly invented technology.

Technology & Certification

Holding technology

01. Core component activation
ㆍRepel active ingredient extracting & separating technology
02. The technology maximizing
      the stability of the active
      ingredients for vermin
ㆍIntroduction of emission control technology through formulating particles
ㆍMaximizing the stability of the active ingredients that are the problems of solubility, reactivity, and stability.
03. Emission control technology
      of the active ingredient
ㆍActive ingredient that stimulates sense of harmful animal is nano-emulsified and encapsulated to inject
   This technique is grafted with low-tech and high-tech to control the releasing amount of active ingredients and
   to adjust the duration of effect.
04. Outside pollution
      prevent technology
ㆍBlocking the exterior pollution materials (rain, dust etc) by special coating package

Certification of authorization etc

[ Registration of a license
- bird repellent by solid ]
[ Registration of a license
- wild animal repellent by solid ]
[ Application of tread mark
- shooshoo ]
[ Application of tread mark
- YAPI ]
[ Certification of authorization
- Research exclusive charge department ]
[ PCT Application ] [ Certification of authorization
– Venture Company ]
[ Certification of performance
– bird repellent by solid ]

Technology Data