YAPI (wild animal repellent)


Name YAPI (wild animal repellent) Purpose wild animal’s damage mitigator
Apply ㆍagricultural use (fruit farm, corps etc)
ㆍmulti-purpose (trail, golf club, park, tomb, ect)
Size 30 pieces in the pouch (over 750g)
Term of validity 60 days after installation Product validity 3 years from date of manufacture

Background of development

Destruction of environment + sanitary problem
Efficacy issue + Expense of establishment
Maintenance expenditure + Noise/Dust/Insect unflux

Customer’s complaint

Damage inhibitor with new concept
Visual stability, Strong to the weather, Eco-friendly products

Product characteristics

YAPI is the environment- friendly wild animal's damage inhibitor Also, it is proved as the cost-effective and excellent performing product that can be installed easily, in many cases.

Maximum stability ㆍUsing environmently friendly soap chip, the active materials are released even under extreme weather conditions.
Eco-friendly product ㆍTProof of safety of human and animal toxicity by professional toxicity testing laboratory(GLP).
Chemesthesis ㆍSome specific components, that are extracted from several plant-derived substances and refined or went through special
   processes, causes “approaching aversion” by stimulating chemical receptors of vermin’s.
Olfactory sense ㆍAs the reactive particles, causing electric physiological response, stimulates chemical receptors of vermin’s and causes
   “approaching aversion”, disgust is recognized in their emotional feeling and is strongly imprinted for later.
Palate sense ㆍIt suppresses the appetite of vermin’s by passing some components which they dislike on to the taste buds of the oral mucosa.

Olfactory, Palate sense, Chemesthesis

Cineole It is the main ingredient of geranium oil. This ingredient stimulates the olfactory, taste and chemethetic senses.

γ-terpinene It is the main ingredient of tea tree oil. This ingredient stimulates the olfactory, taste and chemethetic senses.

Citronellal It is the main ingredient of citronella oil. This ingredient stimulates the olfactory, taste and chemethetic senses.

  • Installaiotn method

1. Install 'YAPI' around damaged zone

Height of product

ㆍSet to match the nose height of wild animals
ㆍInstall 70~100cm heights for elf, deer
ㆍInstall 20`50 cm heights for wild boar
ㆍInstall distance between products 1~2m. And, Serious damaged zone
   install between 1m.

※ Throw to install, where difficult to string installation
    (only wild boar damaged zone)
※ There is different efficiency as per install quantity.No effect on bad odor.

2. Exclusive case installation method

ㆍIt can be installed in various locations
ㆍClean install place up. Before installing.