We notechbio, start protect human's property and safety from harmful animals

We are established in 2011, the company manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products. Our products not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, the spread of disease. notechbio has been dedicated to solving problems between environmental factors and human life.

Also, we strive for various product researches as bird influenza block prevention of epidemics disinfectant and harm insect control repellent and attractant.

“notechbio’s promise is effort”
we notechbio’s employees are working today to keep promises to our customers.

Thank you

notechbio business part

  • Repellent
  • Attractant
  • Ethyl phenol for animal use

Philosophy of Management

Trying to be an ‘only one’, not ‘number one’

To become a global leader in
pest control industry
To protect customer’s property
and make an effort to provide
pleasant environment
An honest company
for 'only one'

Organization & History

Organization status

CEO Advisory committee auditor R&P Part M&S Part strategy committee R&D Product QC Sales/Marketing Management Outsourcing Sales Part Product Part


2017 ~ 2014

  • 2017's

    ㆍYAPI( Wild animal repellent) launched

  • 2016's

    ㆍPower liquid for bird influenza block prevention
       of epidemics disinfectant launched
    ㆍBird repellent performance authentication ㆍshooshoo ball launched

  • 2015's

    ㆍBird repellent – liquid ㆍVenture awarded

  • 2014's

    ㆍMoves HQ (Pyeong chon_dong, deadeok_gu,
    ㆍPatent bird & wild animal repellents

2013 ~ 2011

  • 2013's

    ㆍVenture awarded ㆍWild animal (wild boar, elf) repellent launched

  • 2012's

    ㆍMoves HQ (sangseo_dong, Deadeok_gu,
    ㆍBird repellent for agricultural use launched ㆍResearch exclusive charge department

  • 2011's

    ㆍCorporation established