Shooshoo – Agricultural use


Name shooshoo agricultural bird repellent Purpose agricultural bird damage mitigator
Apply fruit farm (apple, pear, peach etc)
corps (ginseng, pea, pepper etc)
Size 40 pieces in the box (over 800g)
Term of validity 90 days after installation Product validity 3 years from date of manufacture

Background of development

Destruction of environment + sanitary problem
Efficacy issue + Expense of establishment
Maintenance expenditure + Noise/Dust/Insect unflux

Customer's complaint

Bird damage inhibitor with new concept
Visual stability, Strong to the weather, Eco-friendly products.

Product characteristics

shooshoo is the environment-friendly bird damage inhibitor which is non-toxic.
Also, it is proved as the cost-effective and excellent performing product that can be installed easily, in many cases.

Sight sense ㆍby reinforcing the awareness of light (Ultraviolet Rays and etc), it lowers accessibility of birds to installed products.
Palate sense ㆍActive materials are released regularly in the extreme weather with Micro-capsule manufacturing and ceramic pore depress
Olfactory sense ㆍThis product is manufactured environmentally friendly with natural substance
Chemesthesis ㆍSome specific components, that are extracted from several plant-derived substances and refined or went through special
   processes, causes “approaching aversion” by stimulating chemical receptors of vermin’s.
Olfactory sense ㆍAs the reactive particles, causing electric physiological response, stimulates chemical receptors of vermin’s and causes
   “approaching aversion”, disgust is recognized in their emotional feeling and is strongly imprinted for later.
Palate sense ㆍIt suppresses the appetite of vermin’s by passing some components which they dislike on to the taste buds of the oral mucosa.

Olfactory, Palate, sight sense, Chemesthesis

  • Methyl anthranilate ㆍMain ingredient from Concord grape extract.
    ㆍFood additives and bird repellent registered in US EPA
    ㆍBird’s eye, nasal , olfactory membrane
  • Eugenol ㆍMain ingredient from clove oil. This volatile spice has strong irritation.
    ㆍBird’s Olfactory and eye membrane, strong to early irritation
  • Menthol ㆍPeppermint oil’s main ingredient Olfactory, palate and chemesthesis / strong irritant ingredient
  • Citronellal ㆍCitronella oil's main active ingredient
    ㆍOlfactory and eye membrane
  • Thymol ㆍThyme oil's main active ingredient Strong to irritant volatility spice.
       Bird's olfactory and eye membrane /strong to early irritation
  • UV Absorbent ㆍSensing danger in installation area, the bird will fly away. This will be highly efficient the bird which has
       ultraviolet vision.
    ㆍThis substance will raise displeasure memory from product.

sight sense

  • Installaiotn method

1. Agricultural product installation method

Installation method

ㆍLarge apple, pear, peach (width of 4~5m) / 2 products
ㆍSmall apple, pear, peach (width of 1~3m) / 1~2 product
ㆍGrape / ginseng : space between products within 1~1.5m
ㆍBlueberry : 1 for tree

※ Set close the fruit
※ Installing before bird damage 2 or 3 days. brings better effectness
※ Small birds(Sparrow, forest bird ,great tit etc) don’t function because
    they’re not developed olfactory function